The new PTI in Ibiza

The new PTI for Ibiza.

The local government in Ibiza has made a drastic change to the Territorial Island Plan – know as the PTI.
These changes will be in effect for at least the next three years.

These changes means much greater restriction on buildings in the rural area – in what is called “rustic” land.

Here are the main points:

The minimum size rustic land required is 15.000 square meters and the allowed building size is calculated on a per square meter ratio of the plot.

The maximum dwellings allowed including guest houses is 320 square meters and 900 cubic meters of volume.

Pools can be maximum 30 square meters.

It is no longer possible to build houses on segregated plots unless it is an inheritances or donations from parents to children. Sale to third parties can not happen within 15 years of its segregation.

Walls of concrete are now forbidden – only dry stone walls of a maximum of one meter is legal.

Every new country house is now required to build a rainwater collection system and to store it. The holding tanks has to be of at least 15 cubic meters. This is to ease the effect of the drought situation which has hit the island during the last years.

There is a full stop of permits for buildings surrounded by forrest. This is to prevent forrest fires.


Please note that the laws in Ibiza change very often and although I have done all I can to correctly interpret the law the above is in no way full legal advice, but my interpretation of the law, and it does not substitute the legal report of a lawyer.

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