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The entrance to a white house at night in Ibiza, offering prime real estate and incredible property for sale.

Property for sale in Ibiza

Ibiza is very unique and quite different from the rest of Spain. Therefore buyers from all over Europe and the rest of world in fact, are investing in this little sunny island. The most requested properties for sale in Ibiza have for some years been modern and contemporary designs, but there is a definite rise in demand for more traditional architecture and fincas. Property values in Ibiza Property...

An Ibiza-inspired aerial view of a swimming pool with luxurious lounge chairs.

Touristic rental license in Ibiza

In Ibiza you need a touristic rental license to be able to rent you property out legally. Below is a summery of what I understand are the most important points of the law that relates to tourist rentals and how to obtain a rental license in Ibiza. Some of these are changes which came into effect in August 2018 Rental license criteria 1. The rental period for a tourist rental seems to be maximum one month...

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