Properties in Ibiza

Ibiza is very unique and quite different from the rest of Spain. Therefore buyers from all over Europe and the rest of world in fact, are investing in this little sunny island.

The most requested properties have for some years been modern and contemporary designs, but there is a definite rise in demand for more traditional architecture and fincas.

Property values in Ibiza

Property prices in Ibiza have boomed in the past ten years with an increase of about 300-400%. The 2009 financial crises did not hit Ibiza in any way like the rest of Spain, but it caused a stagnation for properties valued more than 1.5 million euros and a slight downward trend for less expensive properties. Especially family apartments have felt the crises, since the banks have been more reluctant to give new mortgages.

Around 2019-20 the market exploded again. Many of our clients prefer to invest in properties rather than having their money in the bank and a property in Ibiza will always be sought after.

The best luxury properties are not only found in the south or south west. Now every area of the island features unique luxury property and every area has its selling points and advantages depending on the requirements of the prospective clients.

Rental yields in Ibiza

About 85% of the clients buying second homes in Ibiza are interested in letting their properties, in periods when they are not on the island. The yields are very lucrative in the high summer season. A nice villa in a good location with pool and about five bedrooms can easily get 10.000€ per week in peak season and much more for a very large, luxury property. However to obtain a legal tourist rental license has proved to be much harder than in earlier years.

2022 Insider Tip

Ibiza continues to attract attention from a wide range of international clientele and is definitely still one of Europe’s hot spots for 2022.

First time buyers should take their time and explore the island before deciding on their favourite location. North of the island should be investigated. Property here is still well priced in comparison to the south and larger plots are still available here in a quiet, rural setting, making this area an attractive buy. With the new much faster road system and great restaurants and bars in most areas makes it less important where on the island do you live .

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