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Reduction in Ibiza Wealth Tax

Great Ibiza news for 2024 ! The Balearic Islands Parliament has recently ratified an amendment to the 2024 budget that brings about a noteworthy shift in the dynamics of Wealth Tax regulations within the region.The pivotal adjustment involves elevating the minimum exemption threshold for this tax from €700,000 to a substantial €3,000,000. This modification directly benefits investors holding assets...

The entrance to a white house at night in Ibiza, offering prime real estate and incredible property for sale.

Property for sale in Ibiza

Ibiza is very unique and quite different from the rest of Spain. Therefore buyers from all over Europe and the rest of world in fact, are investing in this little sunny island. The most requested properties for sale in Ibiza have for some years been modern and contemporary designs, but there is a definite rise in demand for more traditional architecture and fincas. Property values in Ibiza Property...

An image of the sun setting over the Ibiza coastline.

Ibiza weather

Well, winters in Ibiza are mild with a bit shorter days (still hours longer than north of Europe of course). It can get windy and rainy from November to February but the temperature never drops below freezing point, it’s usually around 15-16 °C.

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