Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about buying property

Well, here and in rest of Spain the agent receives all commissions and fees from the seller.
So our service is completely free until your purchase a property. (No matter what our commissions are payed as part of the purchase price).
In some cases other alternative arrangements can be made between parties.

I am happy to be your dedicated search agent absolutely free.

We recommend that you budget your buying costs to be approximately 14% of the value of the property. This is broken down as follows: a maximum 11% tax (Spanish equivalent of stamp duty), local taxes, legal fees and notary fees.

In the Balearics the tax payable is tabulated as follows:
Till 400,000€: 8%
From 400,001€ – 600,000€: 9%
From 600,001€ – 1,000,000€: 10%
From 1,000,001€: 11%.

If you require a mortgage there is a 3% charge on the mortgage value made up of 1% arrangement fee, 1% tax and 1% notary charge.

For a non resident applying for a mortgage in Ibiza the maximum borrowing is 70% based on the bank valuation but not exceeding the official price.
For residents this percentage can be increased but is usually not in excess of 80%. A certified bank valuation should cost approximately 500€.

Remember this is Ibiza!, so there can be some small negotiation in these fees.

Well, I recommend that you don’t rush into anything, but take your time to get a good feel for the island. Think about your lifestyle and the activities that you like. Finally  visit enough similar properties to your ideal choice to give you a good idea about value and possibilities.

This is where we come in.

We have the experience to make sure you are making the right choices.

We have a good network which helps us connect to properties that are not public.

We have good connections to local banks and if you have a steady income, we can get you a good fixed rate mortgage, with a 30% deposit.

In more untraditional setups we have connections to the best mortgage brokers.

Questions about renting

Yes, long term you can legally rent out your property. However to advertise your property for short term rentals you will need a touristic rental license. 

If your property is more than 5 years old and has a legal building license or what’s called a “Cédula de Habitabilidad” you can apply for a touristic rental license. Other criteria is also necessary.  In rare cases apartments can also apply, but the rest community needs to agree to this. You can get more detailed information about this in our “Ibiza info” section.


Cost for a rental license is now €600 for the application + the following per bed.

1 bed:  €4.300,00
2 beds: €8.643,00
3beds: €13.029,40
4beds: €17.459,70
5 beds: €21.934,30
6beds: €26.453,70
7beds: €31.018,20
8beds: €35.628,40
9beds: €40.284,70
10beds: €44.987,50
11beds: €49.737,40
12beds: €54.534,80


If you are resident in Spain and rent out your property long term, you can deduct your expenses (mortgage, maintenance etc.) – but only 40% of your final profit is taxable.

If you rent out per day, weeks or for just one month, you do NOT have the 60% deduction of the profit, but need to pay tax of the total profit.

The tax rate depends on your other income and goes up to 52%.

If you are a EU resident you CAN deduct your expenses and your tax rate is 24.75%.

If you are a non EU resident you CAN NOT deduct any expenses and your tax rate is 24.75%

No matter what status you have, if you officially offer other services in connection with your rental property – like daily cleaning, breakfast etc. – you are obliged to charge 10% IVA (VAT). If you do not offer any other services – you do not need to charge IVA (VAT).

For EU residents, the income would be taxable in the home country, but under the terms of the double tax treaty, any tax paid in Spain by EU residents can be credited against the tax due in the home country.

You need a touristic rental license to be able to rent you property out legally.

Below is a summery of what I understand are the most important points of the law that relates to tourist rentals in Ibiza. Some of these are changes which came into effect in August 2018.


1. The rental period for a tourist rental seems to be maximum one month per client.
2. There is a limited number of bedrooms assigned (as for the hotels). This is not specified yet in all areas.
This “stock” of touristic places is managed by the government, and consists of the already existing places plus the ones the government considers suitable.
3a. There are zones that will classified as not suitable for tourism specified by each municipality / town hall and therefore properties in these areas will not be able to apply for a license.
3b. Protected rural land is already classified as not suitable for tourism and no new licences will be granted for properties in these areas.
3c. Common rustic areas still will be suitable for tourism.
3d. Those properties that already have an existing license will not be affected either way.
3e. To apply it is necessary to obtain a letter from the town hall confirming that the property is in a suitable zone.
4. Energy certification is required, depending on the age of the property. If the property is build before 31/12/2007 this will not be required.
5. It is not possible to market properties that have had punishments for serious violations of the urban laws until these violations has been corrected.
6. Only properties with a valid “Cédula de Habitabilidad” or similar certificate is able to get a license. The capacity of the occupants of the property has to correspond to certificate. The Cédula de habitabilidad needs to be renewed every 10 years and is a small one page document that can only be obtained if the property has a “final de obra” or is totally legalised. In the past this was only obtained so water and electricity could be connected to the property – however now it is also necessary to apply for a touristic rental license.
7. The people staying in the property must be reported to the police – again like the hotels.
8. The rental property has to be minimum five years old – and in this period it must have been used privately.
9. An advertiser (rental agency) of a property without a proper rental license application or without using the tourism inscription number will be made responsible along with the owner. This can incur fines from 4.001 – 40.000 euros.
10. A property has to have one bathroom for every four beds.


Apartments now have the possibility to obtain a rental license but only if the board of owners allow this.
Furthermore in addition to the above;
1. Each license will have to be renewed every five years.
2. The rental agent has to inform the clients in writing about the house rules and ensure they are understood and respected.
3. If the rules are not respected the rental agent has to require the tenant to vacate the property within 24 hours.
4. The owner has to have sufficient insurance to cover damages that the clients may cause to the community property.
5. There has to be a service number for the community open 24 hours.


Please note that the laws in Ibiza change very often and although I have done all I can to correctly interpret the law the above is in no way full legal advice, but my interpretation of the law, and it does not substitute the legal report of a lawyer.

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