property tax in Ibiza

Reduction in Ibiza Wealth Tax

Great Ibiza news for 2024 ! The Balearic Islands Parliament has recently ratified an amendment to the 2024 budget that brings about a noteworthy shift in the dynamics of Wealth Tax regulations within the region.The pivotal adjustment involves elevating the minimum exemption threshold for this tax from €700,000 to a substantial €3,000,000. This modification directly benefits investors holding assets...

The entrance to a white house at night in Ibiza, offering prime real estate and incredible property for sale.

Property for sale in Ibiza

Ibiza is very unique and quite different from the rest of Spain. Therefore buyers from all over Europe and the rest of world in fact, are investing in this little sunny island. The most requested properties for sale in Ibiza have for some years been modern and contemporary designs, but there is a definite rise in demand for more traditional architecture and fincas. Property values in Ibiza Property...

A dirt road in the middle of a field on Ibiza.

The North of Ibiza

The North - the more quiet part of Ibiza "The North is greener, less populated and more bohemian than the rest of the island" People choose the north for many reasons; the many unique restaurants, the impressive green scenery, the rolling country side, the deserted beaches and less tourists during summer. Ibiza’s north is also famous for its alternative and laidback lifestyle. With numerous...

A boat is docked in the water near a rocky shore in Ibiza.

The South

The south of Ibiza is popular for so many reasons. First of all some of the best and most popular beaches - also especially the beach restaurants are famous.

The clear water enhances the allure of Ibiza's activities.

Ibiza Beaches

It can be hard to choose where to go, when you have more than 50 Ibiza beaches. That’s why we picked a few of our favourite beaches that has character and a good atmosphere. Cala Salada beach You will definitely enjoy this beautiful small beach. With white sand and surrounded by nature. That is also why Cala Salada is loved by both locals and tourists. The beach is located on the west...

A stunning bay view showcasing sailboats harmoniously sailing in the crystal-clear waters of Ibiza.

Why is Ibiza so special ?

Ibiza is Paradisiacal Haven of Vibrancy and Natural Beauty Ibiza is a small Mediterranean island known as the White Isle, is a destination that captivates the hearts of millions of visitors each year. Beyond its reputation as a vibrant party hub and fantastic weather, Ibiza boasts a myriad of breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and an enchanting blend of traditional and modern experiences....

A breathtaking view of the ocean from a cliff overlooking a lush forest in Ibiza.

Ibiza Walks

Walks in Ibiza, is an amazing way to enjoy and explore the island by foot. The island offers a beautiful rustic nature full of lush green colours. We find the best time is Autumn, Winter and Spring since summer gets to hot. The nature in Ibiza is incredible. On the north west coast of Ibiza you will find long hikes in wild un touched nature. The view are breathtaking....

Nice views from Benniras beach in Ibiza.

Benirras Beach

Benirrás beach is one of the many places that makes Ibiza special. With it's beautiful rustic scenery and family friendly water, this beach is very popular among the locals bohemian. Also Benirrás is famous for the drumming hippies. Where you can move to the bongo groove while you have an amazing view of the crystal clear water. This attracting Sunday ritual starts in the afternoon but it is good to come...

An Ibiza-inspired aerial view of a swimming pool with luxurious lounge chairs.

Touristic rental license in Ibiza

In Ibiza you need a touristic rental license to be able to rent you property out legally. Below is a summery of what I understand are the most important points of the law that relates to tourist rentals and how to obtain a rental license in Ibiza. Some of these are changes which came into effect in August 2018 Rental license criteria 1. The rental period for a tourist rental seems to be maximum one month...

An image of the sun setting over the Ibiza coastline.

Ibiza weather

Well, winters in Ibiza are mild with a bit shorter days (still hours longer than north of Europe of course). It can get windy and rainy from November to February but the temperature never drops below freezing point, it’s usually around 15-16 °C.

Macao restaurant in Ibiza.

Macao Cafe

Italian restaurant with great atmosphere and real pizza in Santa Gertrudis.Macao Cafe is a very vibrant Italian restaurant in the centre of Santa Gertrudis village with a menu that caters to all tastes. There is also a children's playground round the back and they have a take out service. Probably one of Ibiza's most popular Italian restaurants, Macao spills out onto a tree-shaded terrace with lights...

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