About Ibiza

Ibiza is often called the “White Island” because of its white buildings and typical smooth domed architecture. The island became a major tourism destination during the 1960’s famous for its ‘hippie-culture’ and nudist beaches. Today Ibiza is a world famous destination. Most people are aware of its famous nightlife, but Ibiza has so much more to offer! Ibiza offers a mild climate, exotic beaches, peace and relaxation, traditional Mediterranean lifestyle and beautiful scenery.

There is also a plethora of things to do away from the beach: such as exploring Ibiza’s lively towns and peaceful country villages, golf, walking, cycling or sailing around one of the island’s many vista’s. The island is easily accessible with regular scheduled flights from all over Europe, and ferries from the mainland. Ibiza has a cosmopolitan feel and attracts a diverse multi-cultural groups of people from all walks of life (together with many celebrities from the arts, music, film and sports industries). Everybody enjoys and celebrates the island’s understated atmosphere and the privacy it offers to them.

Many celebrities and international business people have used the services of renowned architects who have designed state-of-the-art luxury villas combining modern style with other international influence. These properties have become famous architectural references and often appear in highly regarded design magazines.